A supplementary category (“other”) was applied to spot cues you to break often the newest Proportion otherwise Prominence Reputation (Battison, 1978)

Cues was in fact coded using the four Sign Products demonstrated from the Battison (1978): one-given, two-passed and symmetric otherwise switching, two-passed asymmetrical with the exact same give setting, as well as 2-passed asymmetrical with assorted give options (column Air-conditioning). The latest Proportion Condition says that when the hands for the an indication disperse, additional requirement out of your hands (elizabeth.grams., area, give arrangement) have to be similar, in addition to movement have to be parallel or even in 180° asynchrony. The latest Popularity position says you to within the a two-handed indication, if perhaps one-hand moves, the newest directory of non-dominant handshapes is limited to a single off eight handshapes (B An effective S step 1 C O 5). In total, 16 cues (17 records) broken either brand new Proportion otherwise Dominance requirements.


Location is actually put into a few classes (significant and small), adopting the basics out of Significant Part and you can Slight Area proposed of the Brentari’s Prosodic Model (Brentari, 1998). The major Precise location of the principal hand in line with the human body composed four possible opinions: lead, sleeve, trunk, non-principal hands, and you will simple place (line Ad). Although some cues-primarily compounds-are manufactured in the numerous Big Locations, all of our coding shows precisely the venue from the sign onset. Cues might or might not go back to the top Venue free Age Gap Sites dating websites (age.grams., Broadcast try lead near, but not pressing, your mind, that will be coded since the having an excellent “head” location). Brand new non-prominent hands was just considered the major Location when your Signal Sort of is asymmetrical (i.elizabeth., should your non-principal hand was fixed). The newest Prosodic Model claims you to definitely getting symmetrical/changing cues the advantages of non-dominating hand are identical because that from the latest prominent hands.

Discover five Significant Locations and each Big Place, except neutral place, try divided in to 7 Small Metropolises (column AE). Every 33 urban centers is actually placed in a special document entitled “Key.csv.” Regardless if of many cues are made when you look at the multiple Slight Locations, the newest programming just boasts this new Small Venue on signal start.

Chosen fingers

Consistent with Brentari (1998), Picked Fingertips (line AF) is actually identified as the group of fingers that flow. Brand new Chose Fingers is coded only for the initial free morpheme for the compounds, plus the basic page regarding fingerspelled mortgage signs. When the nothing of the hands went, the difference between selected fingertips and you will non-picked fingertips try uncertain. In these cases, it had been thought that the non-chosen fingers must either be completely unlock or totally signed (Brentari, 1998). If a person number of fingertips try none totally prolonged neither totally flexed, this community out-of fingertips is actually sensed chosen. When your ambiguity was still perhaps not fixed, the fresh new Picked Hands was individuals who seemed foregrounded. Brand new thumb was never coded just like the a specified hand except if it try the only selected hand in the indication.


The brand new selected hands were tasked one of nine quantities of bending in the Prosodic Design (Brentari, 1998). Flexion of one’s chose fingertips was only coded from the sign start (line AG). The original 7 levels of bending (coded since the step 1–7) approximately chart onto an ordinal size away from expanding flexion (step 1 = fully longer), while the history one or two amounts of bending was “stacked” (bending of your selected hands differs like in brand new fingerspelled letter “K”) and you will “crossed” (the fresh fingers overlap such as the fresh fingerspelled page “R”).


The road of motion of your prominent hands owing to x-y-z area is coded for just one kind of path (column AH). Three groups (arch, circular, and you will straight) corresponded into the “roadway feature” regarding Brentari (1998). A 4th group, “forward and backward,” was similar to the “zigzag” movement about HamNoSys program (Hanke, 2004), and you will was applied so you’re able to code signs which have motions you to definitely alter recommendations 180° at least one time (e.g., Impossible, Tube, TIME) and you may cues that have several guidelines changes from lower than 180° as long as new perspective of any direction change additionally the length of the fresh new section is the same (elizabeth.grams., Lightening, Snake, DOLPHIN). Footnote step three Signs instead of a path way were coded while the “nonage” (elizabeth.grams., Fruit has actually an arm-bending motion, however, no path course). Once the roadway motions was in fact simply for those in that your give change updates from inside the x-y-z area, hands rotation and inner movements just weren’t coded given that course. No matter if both particular movement are very important phonological functions, these people were not coded as his or her discriminant fuel is apparently lower than the newest half a dozen phonological properties found in ASL-LEX. But not, we propose to advanced current phonological transcriptions in the future to take much more great-grained differences anywhere between signs. Cues one don’t match these groups or you to definitely included more than one street way was indeed coded while the “othager” (e.grams., Termination features a couple of type of upright roadway actions). Along the direction try overlooked (we.e., an even path might possibly be short (e.grams., ZERO) otherwise a lot of time (age.grams., NORTH). The costs showed here represent the new movement of the very first 100 % free morpheme of one’s sign.