Describes a guy that has an enchanting and/or sexual direction on people

There are many identities for the range regarding femme, including ‘reduced femme’, ‘large femme’, and you will ‘difficult femme’. Cannot make use of these terminology regarding individuals if you do not discover it identify together with them.

Plus a generic label for lesbian and you may gay sexuality – some ladies explain by themselves since homosexual instead of lesbian. Certain low-digital some body may pick using this identity.


Tend to shown regarding maleness and you may femininity, sex is actually culturally computed that’s thought from the gender assigned from the delivery.

?Gender dysphoria

Regularly describe when one skills aches or stress since there can be an effective mismatch between their sex tasked on delivery and you will its sex title.

This will be plus the scientific diagnosis for an individual exactly who does not be confident with the newest gender they were tasked within beginning.

?Sex expression

How a man chooses to externally share the gender, when you look at the framework of social hopes of intercourse. An individual who does not conform to public hopes of gender may not, however, select once the trans.

?Intercourse term

Someone’s natural sense of their own intercourse, whether men, lady or something else (discover low-digital below), which may otherwise might not correspond to the fresh new sex assigned within delivery.

?Sex reassignment

Another way regarding outlining another person’s changeover. To endure sex reassignment usually means to undergo some sort of scientific intervention, but it may also imply changing names, pronouns, putting on a costume in a different way and you can staying in its worry about-recognized intercourse.

Intercourse reassignment try a feature that is protected by this new Equality Work 2010, and is also next interpreted throughout the Equivalence Operate 2010 approved password out of practice. It is an expression away from much assertion and that’s one which Stonewall’s Trans Consultative Group feels are examined.?

Sex Detection Certificate (GRC)

This allows trans people to be legally accepted within confirmed intercourse also to end up being given with a new birth certificate. Not absolutely all trans individuals will apply for a beneficial GRC and also you currently have are more than 18 to apply.

You certainly do not need an excellent GRC to change your intercourse indicators at work or to lawfully change your gender into almost every other data files such as your passport.

?Gillick proficiency

A phrase used in medical laws to choose whether a young child (lower than 16 yrs old) may be able to consent to their own treatment, without the need for adult consent or studies.

Grey (intimate and you may intimate)

Known as gray-Good, this is certainly a keen umbrella title and therefore means people who feel attraction from time to time, hardly, or only significantly less than certain standards. Somebody may play with terminology like gay, bi, lesbian, upright and you will queer with grey to explain this new assistance of romantic otherwise intimate appeal as they experience it.


Identifies a man that a romantic and you may/otherwise intimate positioning with the girls or to a female who’s an intimate and you can/otherwise sexual orientation towards boys.


This can be experienced an even more medical label familiar with determine somebody who has an intimate and you may/or sexual positioning into the someone of the identical sex. The expression ‘gay’ is now way more generally made use of.


Worries otherwise hate of somebody, based on bias otherwise negative attitudes, beliefs or feedback in the lesbian, homosexual or bi people. Homophobic intimidation may be directed at people who are, or who happen to be thought as, lesbian, escort services in Durham homosexual or bi.


A term regularly define a person who might have the newest physical attributes of each other men and women or whoever physical attributes do not match public assumptions on what constitutes man or woman.

Stonewall works with intersex organizations to incorporate the lovers and you can stakeholders recommendations and you may research regarding regions of drawback experienced by intersex some one but cannot, shortly after discussions which have people in the latest intersex area, tend to be intersex points as part of the most recent remit at this phase.